Peter’s story

My name is Peter. I have a Learning Disability. I live with my wife and our cat called Lulu. I love lorries.

I had some sad news. My mum died out of the blue. My brother found her dead on the floor. They called the ambulance, but they couldn’t get her back. I was very sad. I had a bad head. I went to my doctor and told them I was really struggling. They found a psychologist to help me.

My psychologist is a good lady to talk to. She talks to me. She calms me down. I can call her, and she will speak to me. She will help me.

I think my psychologist has got one of those powers in her head. She has taught me a lot about my bad head. I have got to fight with my bad head. I can give my bad head to her.

She is funny. She makes me laugh. She is making me happy. She has got me so much help. I would be so poorly if I hadn’t met her. I’d be in hospital and on lots of pills if I hadn’t met my psychologist.