Real-life story: Hassan

Hassan has worked as a doctor for 11 years. He loves his role as a consultant psychiatrist in Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. 

How I got into the role

After completing A-level exams, I went to medical school and graduated. I had a special experience in my first year as a doctor, working in an acute psychiatric inpatient unit. It was amazing to see the difference that mental health services made to people’s lives.  

After completing my first two years as a doctor (foundation training), I applied for core psychiatric training. My most memorable placement was in learning disability services in 2013, where I enjoyed advocating and ensuring the best quality of life for vulnerable people, and experienced the empathy shown to patients and the holistic nature of team working.

I successfully applied for and subsequently completed specialist training in psychiatry of learning disability in 2018. I have since been a consultant psychiatrist. 

What I do

My role is to support patients with a variety of diagnoses. I prescribe medications when required, but also look to prevent overmedication in line with the national STOMP (Stopping Overmedication in People with Learning Disability and/or Autism) agenda. 

A key part of my job is being part of and providing leadership to a multidisciplinary team that provides holistic care for people in the community who present with a variety of risks. Patients can present in a crisis, which I have to manage rapidly, and may require liaising with carers and multiple agencies. 

In addition, the role lends itself to opportunities for innovation to improve patient care, which is something I truly relish. 

The best bits

My role is focused on working with people. My patients have a variety of personalities and always put a smile on my face; it is a privilege to have positive relationships with them and their carers. I like working with the team to do the best for patients and feel very happy that my intervention can make a rapid and positive difference to a person’s life.